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San Angelo Lifestyles - Summer 2016


Some people are fanatics about New Year’s resolutions….I am not. But I do always try to make ‘Back to School’ resolutions which include getting into a healthy routine…. regular bed times, dinner together as a family at the table, and trying to actually cook that dinner instead of picking it up.

Heck, I may even try working out this fall (that should last until at least Thanksgiving). But one thing required to get kids back into school is shot records. With this in mind a good resolution for us all would be not to neglect our preventative health care.

This issue is the first ever to feature Super Docs; an exclusive section showcasing the many qualified physicians in our town. Their specialties vary, but their attention to caring for you – the patient, does not.

So don’t put off what ails you any longer and scroll through this list to find a doctor near you. If you are new to town use this as a guide to help acclimate yourself to San Angelo and keep your care local. As always, we thank you for reading and for the creative culture that is San Angelo!