Snyder Lifestyles - Winter 2020

Snyder Lifestyles

Another year behind us and a fresh slate is before us. Instead of focusing on the traditional resolutions, let’s each instead resolve to BE PRESENT; thankful for where we live and the advantages it brings.

Let us choose to focus on all the good. For anyone who has ever watched Pollyanna you’ll remember the basis for her positive outlook no matter what life brought her way was to be glad. ‘If you look for the bad, you’re sure to find it, but if you look for the good it is there too.’ So let’s resolve to look at the bright side, be glad, and live in the now.

We so appreciate the warm welcome we received after our first issue of Snyder Lifestyles hit the street last winter! We are thrilled to showcase yet another coffee table quality magazine containing features of neighbors and organizations succeeding and making Snyder even better than before.

One such triumph is in the milestone celebrated by WTC beginning fifty years ago in ‘Success for Westerners.’ The founder’s goal of creating a college for rural West Texans rang true as a welcoming version of higher education. My older brother attended WTC in the ‘90’s and loved every minute. I think his only complaint was that he couldn’t stay there longer. A sentiment shared by many undergraduates I’m sure.

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